Sustainability Ad Hoc Committee
Active efforts In the area of Sustainability promotes positive Corporate Citizenship, creates a company image of being forward thinking and engages employees to reach beyond the plant walls of the Brewery to ecologically driven to do the right thing. In working towards these goals, the committee will identify sustainability issues of most concern to breweries and malting facilities , e.g. water, wastewater, energy, CO2 footprint, etc. Construct an interactive flowchart such as was done for food safety that would be put on the website under the Resources tab. This could be set up cafeteria style just like the HACCP plan so it is broken down into components each with information links, plant survey forms, etc. The flow chart would allow Breweries and Malting facilities to select which areas they want the information and customize sustainability plans based on size, complexity and output.

Committee Chair: Fred M. Scheer,, Krones Inc

Executive Committee Liaison: Tom Eplett, MillerCoors

Committee Member: Jonathan C. Morse, Molson Coors Canada

Committee Member: Timothy C. Schwartz, Real Ale Brewing Co

Committee Member: Brad Stevenson, Founders Brewing Co

Committee Member: Klaus K. Wasmuht, Ziemann Holvrieka GmbH

Ex-officio: John Bryce, MBAA

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