Higher Education Review Ad Hoc Committee
The committee's charge is to study the current situation and determine if and how the MBAA can play a role in brewing science programs at higher institutions.

Committee Chair: Susan E. Welch, swelch111@gmail.com, Malteurop North America Inc

Executive Committee Liaison: Horace G. Cunningham, Third Street Brewhouse

Committee Member: Charles W. Bamforth

Committee Member: Peter Bouckaert

Committee Member: Tobin L. Eppard, MillerCoors LLC

Committee Member: Gil W. Sanchez

Committee Member: Tom Shellhammer, Oregon State Univ

Committee Member: Robert Alexander Speers, Heriot Watt Univ

Committee Member: Charles F. Strachan, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

MBAA Staff: Amy Hope, MBAA

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