Editorial and Publications Committee
This committee's charge is to review articles submitted to the Technical Quarterly and manuscripts submitted for book projects.

Committee Chair: Mark P. Sammartino, msammartino@mbaa.com

Committee Member: Robert T. Foster, MillerCoors

Committee Member: Scott T. Helstad, Cargill Inc

Committee Member: Richard W. Joy, Canada Malting Co Ltd

Committee Member: Henry W. Maca

Committee Member: Alastair T. Pringle, Pringle-Scott LLC

Committee Member: Eric J. Samp, MillerCoors

Committee Member: Robert Alexander Speers, Heriot Watt Univ

Committee Member: Bob Stafford, Univ of Johannesburg

Committee Member: Graham G. Stewart, GGStewart Associates

Committee Member: Jens Voigt, Trier Univ of Applied Sciences

MBAA Staff: Greg Grahek, Scientific Societies

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