Glass Quality Workshop

Thursday, October 8 • 10:00–11:45 a.m. • River Terrace 1
John Mallett, Bell’s Brewery; Brad Rush, Boston Beer Co.; Norm Jones, Anchor Glass
Explore the essentials of glass bottle quality, from manufacturing through to the end consumer. 

Beer Safety from Field to Growler

Thursday, October 8 • 1:45–3:30 p.m. • River Terrace 1
Whitney Thompson, Malteurop NA; Tatiana Lorca, Ecolab Inc.

Recent outbreaks in some of the nation’s favorite food groups have heightened media and consumer attention to food safety. Every recall and outbreak affects not only the individual companies implicated, but also the market segment as a whole. Consumers expect products to be safe regardless of what they are and the size of the facility in which they are made. Breweries are not immune from basic food safety expectations. Retailers and restaurants expect brewers to meet minimum food safety requirements so they can protect their customers and are sending food safety auditors into breweries to audit practices and controls. This session will address requirements and expectations for food safety programs and parameters within key points of the beer supply chain from grower to retail service and will provide insights as to what auditors are looking for within breweries.

Flavor First: Innovations in Barley and Malting for Today’s Brewer

Thursday, October 8 • 3:45–5:30 p.m. • River Terrace 1
Tim Matthews, Oskar Blues Brewery; Patrick Hayes, Oregon State University; Mike Davis, American Malting Barley Association; Andrea Stanley, Craft Maltsters Guild
Innovation is a great word—but what does it mean when it comes to your grain bill?  Tim Matthews from Oskar Blues Brewery will lead expert panelists in a deep dive into today’s science, production agronomics, small-scale malting technologies, and the collaboration with brewers that is driving innovation in malting for tomorrow’s great beer.

Brewhouse Automation

Friday, October 9 • 8:00–9:45 a.m. • River Terrace 1
Fred Scheer, Krones Inc.; Matthias Lichtenauer, Krones Inc.; Doug MacNair, Harpoon Brewery; Darren Goodlin, Goodlin Process Solutions LLC
This workshop will begin with insight into brewhouse automation based on the BOTEC process control system. A short overview of the different modules will be followed by some real-life references of recent projects, both in larger breweries as well as craft breweries. Next, the workshop will discuss pure process control versus data/information generation. Will your choice support your business needs down the road?  Topics will include in-house management versus outside integrator support, hardware platform choice, and software platform. Finally, the workshop will provide a general overview of the traditional locations of inline instrumentation and analyzers in the brewing process and the challenges each present. 

Brewery Maintenance Success

Friday, October 9 • 10:00–11:45 a.m. • River Terrace 1
John Houseman, D. G. Yuengling & Son
A maintenance professional who feels competent is a better worker and is motivated more easily. An expert panel chaired by Master Brewer John Houseman will explore brewery maintenance challenges and opportunities in the context of proven approaches that support system performance and maximize the efficiency of maintenance teams. From the brewhouse to packaging operations, maintenance planning, prioritization, and scheduling are key elements that influence the success of any organization. Metrics and means of measuring results will be discussed. The panelists will make succinct presentations and then close the panel with audience discussion and Q&A.

Advanced Extract Options for Brewers

Friday, October 9 • 3:45–5:30 p.m. • River Terrace 1
Brian Buffin, Kalsec, Inc.; Mike Babb, Kalsec, Inc.; Mark Schulze, Kalsec, Inc.; Joe Snyder, Kalsec, Inc.; Ross Turner, PureMalt Products, Ltd.; Ron Duszanskyj, PureMalt Products, Ltd.; Jonathan Davis, GLCC Co.
Today’s brewers have a number of options available to help create the perfect beer. This includes a variety of hops, malt, spices, and fruits for specific beer styles. This workshop will examine how advanced extracts and flavors can be utilized to control beer character, often at lower cost. Tasting of beers created with these extracts will be included.

Wort Separation: Mash Filter vs. Lauter Tun

Saturday, October 10 • ​8:30–10:15 a.m. • River Terrace 1
Leon Fyfe, Craft Brew Alliance
Both the mash filter and the lauter tun have been around for quite a while now, and lately the mash filter has been making inroads in the craft brewing world.  Which system is right for you and your brewery? This panel of brewers and suppliers will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these two brewing technologies.

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