MBAA Workshops

Brewing Engineering

Industry experts from Krones, Ziemann, and Paul Mueller Co. will provide in-depth reviews of mash kettle, lauter tun, and boil kettle layouts and characteristics, as well as the broader topic of thermodynamics in brewing.

Beer Stability and Hazing

Panelists from TU Berlin and breweries will provide insight and dialogue on how leading research is impacting practical experience on factors that influence haze and beer stability.

The Truth about Bitterness Units

A panel of brewers and industry experts evaluate the venerable and often misquoted bitterness units (BU) measurement. How did the BU develop as a measure of hop flavor in beer and what exactly does it detect? How does dry hopping influence the BU measurement and what are some of the alternative detection methods evolving in the lab? What are factors downstream in the process that affect BUs in the final beer? Using tasting samples, the workshop will also look at how other variables (i.e., pH and gravity) can affect the perceived bitterness in beer at the same BU measurement.

Achieving Beer Characteristics through Yeast Strain Selection and Fermentation Management

A simple living organism, brewer’s yeast is far from simple and brings to life a brewer’s vision. The uniqueness of every beer is directly tied to the brewer’s selection and management of yeast. Whether you utilize your house strain and manipulate your process to produce a variety of beers, or you wish to diversify and exploit specific attributes of different strains, this workshop is for you. Yeast typing and associated beer qualities will be presented in conjunction with the influence of different fermentation parameters such as: temperature, pitch rate, DO, gravity, and pH. Join this workshop and gain insight into producing different beers with the same yeast, or the same beer with different yeasts.

Growing Pains of a Successful Brewery, Part 1

What does it take to grow from a 5-barrel to a 20-barrel brewhouse or from a 50-barrel brewhouse to a 100-barrel brewhouse? From kegs to bottles and cans and multi-state distribution? Join this workshop to hear from brewers who have been there—and from suppliers who are part of those transitions. In the first part of this two-session workshop, a panel will discuss scaling up of an existing brewery, covering topics such as equipment additions, packaging changes, engineering, and flavor matching.

Growing Pains of a Successful Brewery, Part 2

In the second part of the two-session workshop on building a successful brewery, the panel will discuss the business side of growth, including human resources, implementation of a safety program, cash flow management, distribution, and raw material supply.

MBAA–ASBC Joint Workshop

Food Safety

With the recent passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), food manufacturing facilities, including those in the brewing industry, will be required to comply with applicable food laws. Being prepared is not only important for compliance but is also good due diligence. As brewers, we have an obligation to our consumers to ensure that the beers we produce are safe and within the guidelines of food safety and regulatory requirements.

The goal of this two-part workshop is to help you prepare to meet this obligation. We will cover “Current Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food,” specifically to its inclusion of spent grains from brewers, as well as “Current Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Food for Animals.”

You will walk away from this workshop knowing the components of an effective food safety program that you can put into action immediately. In addition, a lively discussion with a brewery food safety expert will guide you through preparing for a successful food safety audit from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Last but by no means least, join us as we share the key to how you can change your brewery culture to enable a successful food safety program.


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