The following preliminary posters are planned for the MBAA Annual Conference:

Brewhouse Operations

  • Succeding of fines in spent grain cakes—Truth or legend? Jörg Engstle, Technische Universität München
  • Reduction of hotside aeration by way of a whirlpool paddle in a kettle. David Schroeder, Simatec Impiantibirra


  • CIP pump selection: Shear enjoyment or not so shear? Mark Murphy, CDB Project Services, LLC.
  • The importance of cleanliness—An overview of CIP and COP systems. Todd Rausch, M.G. Newell Corp.


  • Beer monitor basic: A new, economical method for inline alcohol measurement in the brewery. Daniel Gore, Anton Paar GmbH 
  • Depletion of ions through freezing concentration for water desalination. Kerstin Rudolph, Technische Universität Berlin

Enzymes, Finishing, and Stability

  • Colloidal stabilization by silica at different temperatures. Kenneth Berg, PQ Corporation
  • Optimized beer filtration with the latest generation membrane filter. Roland Folz , Pentair
  • Pectin: A natural plant derived alternative fining agent for the brewing process. Thomas Kunz, Technische Universität Berlin


  • Increasing bitter substance yield by recycling hot trub and yeast washing solution. Thomas Kunz, Technische Universität Berlin
  • A laboratory scale approach for the quantification of whirlpool hop utilization. Royce Dansby-Sparks, University of North Georgia
  • Performance analysis of T45 hop pellets usage in late kettle additions in comparison to T90 pellets. Phillip Davidson, S.S. Steiner
  • An overview of hop products for the production of wort and beer. Phillip Davidson, S.S. Steiner

Malt and Grains

  • Exploring pH in malt. Andrew DeLange

Packaging (Bottles, Draft and Cans)

  • Weight reduction of paper based 6-can and 24-can packages. Yusuke Aida, Kirin Company, Ltd.


  • Sensory Identification and prediction of flaw, taint, and contamination causes using machine learning and artificial intelligence on sensory data and bio-chemical and metabolic pathway tracing. Zachary Bushman, Analytical Flavor Systems LLC.
  • Sensory Flaw detection and identification through data science and machine learning. Jason Cohen, Analytical Flavor Systems
  • Sensory Panel demographics: What makes a great panel? Sue Langstaff, FlavorActiV Ltd.


  • Sustainable solution for packaging hall conveyer track lubrication. Flavio Reis, Sealed Air

Utilities Management

  • Independence from utility expenses: Generate clean energy and water onsite. Matthew Silver, Cambrian Innovation

Yeast, Fermentation, and Microbiology

  • Developing a B.S. degree program in fermentation, an industrial chemistry approach. William Killian, Ferris State University

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