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Request for In-House Training for the Understanding Beer Flavor Seminar

Arrange for an advanced Beer Steward Certificate flavor training seminar program for your employees with our on-site Understanding Beer Flavor seminar. A private, in-house seminar held at your facility, allows you to custom tailor to meet your needs and those of your employees. For advanced beer flavor training your company can schedule the Understanding Beer Flavor seminar class as part of an expanded Beer Steward Certificate training.  This is a full day (8:30am to 4:30 pm) hands-on course taught by experience brewmasters passionate about beer.  The minimum seminar class size is 20 people and the maximum is 65 people. 

“I truly believe that this was one if not the best class I have participated in my 39 + years in the industry. I have recommended it to many of my friends across the industry suggesting that they train their teams with you.” Bob Fahr, owner—Fahr Beverage Inc.

The seminar class includes:

  • Instruction and education on how to sense and describe positive beer flavors
  • The Beer Steward Handbook
  • Understanding Beer Flavor Workbook
  • Beer Steward Tasting Journal
  • Access to the Beer Steward Examination and Certificate

The cost for registration per person in various group sizes is:

  • 20-30 $345 per person
  • 31-40 $325 per person
  • 41 and above $295 per person

Clients for Private In-House Training must be prepared to supply the following:

  • 45 days lead time to schedule a seminar
  • An on-site coordinator to assist in setting up the venue and handling the shipment of materials to the site.
  • A venue consisting of a quiet presentation room and a separate adjacent area or room for the preparation of tasting samples. 
  • The presentation area must be set up classroom style with tables and chairs with adequate space to set sample trays in front of participants
  • The sample prep area must have 2 to 4 six foot tables depending on the number of participants to allow for sample trays to be prepared, access to the prep area must be made available for the afternoon prior to the seminar date
  • AV equipment including an LCD projector and screen or suitable sized flat screen television (not less than 60 inch), and a microphone
  • Two or more garbage receptacles for discarded sample articles and two or more liquid waste receptacles
  • Lunch, snacks and other beverages are not included in the registration price.
  • All participants must be 21 years of age or older

“Dedicating time and resources to the MBAA Beer Steward Presentation is a worthwhile investment in your people and your business.” - Jim LaRose President/COO The House of LaRose, Inc.

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