Beer Steward Program About

About the Program

For those whose business is beer…be your customers' best resource!

The Beer Steward Program is designed to educate those who work with beer. Bring yourself up
to speed in today’s beer world with the MBAA Beer Steward program.  Understand more, sell
more, it’s that easy.

“We chose the MBAA Beer Steward program because I felt it was the most pertinent for my serving staff when dealing with our guests,” John Lane, Winking Lizard Taverns.

Associate Beer Steward Certificate

Designed for servers, bartenders, retail clerks, and sommeliers looking to expand their expertise in beer service and server training, the Associate Beer Steward Certificate Program covers the fundamentals including the role of beer in human history, brewing, beer styles, beer freshness, and proper presentation. More...

Beer Steward Certificate

Designed for wholesale buyers/sales managers, retail owners, bar managers, brewery sales and marketers and sommeliers looking for advanced beer training to expand their expertise and depth. The Beer Steward Certificate uses the 230 page Beer Steward Handbook written by brewmasters and beer experts along with the Beer Steward Tasting Journal and a study guide to assist you in learning beyond the fundamentals and into beer flavor, ingredients, draft beer systems, food pairings, and culminating in preparation for the Beer Steward Certificate examination. More...

Beer Flavor Training Seminar: Understanding Beer Flavor

Our Understanding Beer Flavor Seminar is the ultimate in a hands-on tactile beer flavor experience. This is a fun and informative full day of presentations about how beer develops in the brewery from both ingredients and the brewing process, how to sense flavor, how use a novel flavor grouping to describe a beer’s positive flavors beyond “malty” and “hoppy” without getting bogged down in the myriad of available styles, the seminar culminates with how to use beer flavors to pair with food way beyond the greasy side of the menu and how to use glassware to both enhance the presentation and also the flavor of the product. More...

You must be 21 years or older to participate in the MBAA Beer Steward programs