Beer Steward Program About

Beer Steward Certificate

Program Objectives

From delivery to serving, attendees will receive an overview on how to properly handle, store,
and present a variety of beers to maintain flavor and freshness. Throughout the seminar,
presenters highlight the history of beer, as well as the diversity of beer styles. Attendees will also
learn how to showcase beer styles using food pairings and proper glassware.

Participants Receive

Beer Steward Handbook

The Beer Steward Handbook is a peer-reviewed textbook written by experienced brewing professionals. The handbook presents a wide range of topics never before collected in such detail in one text. It is anticipated that this handbook will become the industry standard for professionals in the wholesale and retail beer industry.

Understanding Beer Flavor Seminar

Trained instructors will provide hands-on sensory training in identifying and describing the positive flavors of beer in four flavor-driven groups. Proper presentation using traditional glassware with beer and food pairing is taught using samples for experimentation by students.

Access to Take the Online Exam

The exam will consist of 75 multiple-choice questions that are based on the Beer Steward Handbook and the live training seminar. Upon successful completion of the exam, the participant will receive a Beer Steward Certificate from the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, North America’s oldest professional brewing association, which is renowned for its work in advancing the brewing, fermentation, and allied industries since 1887.

Tasting Journal

Practice what you learned in the Understanding Beer Flavor seminar with the beer tasting journal. Participants will learn how to get the most out of this resource during the training.

Who Should Attend

Wholesalers and retailers who want to maintain beer quality and freshness while they store, rotate, and display a large inventory of beer.
Restaurateurs who want to compile an appropriate list of beers to complement their food offerings.
Bar managers who want to select the proper glassware, serving temperature, and pouring technique to showcase the unique characteristics of each beer.
Servers who want to educate patrons about beer styles and advise diners on pairing beer with food.
Attendees must be 21 years or older to attend.
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