District Philadelphia History
102nd Anniversary Convention,
September 17-20, 1989,
Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel, Philadelphia

Address by Charles Liberman, 1989 MBAA Award of Merit

This talk comments on persistent problems that confront the brewery and packaging executive. There is a bushel bag of items to pick from. Those selected range from something as mundane as "floors", to the esoteric pursuit of the foibles of living yeast cells. Could they be more productive?

Collecting more of the generated CO2 and using it more effectively is a challenge.

In spite of the highly sophisticated engineering in package filling machines, air is always lurking around to be a spoiler in a laboratory analysis or an insidious addition to a maverick bottle or can.

Another obvious but enduring challenge is "waste and pollution". This unholy alliance runs into "Big Bucks",

Quality commands everyone's attention, but is the Q.C. (or Q.A.) program really in control? It may be possible to avoid some costly interruptions in processing and defective packages by moving the controls "upstream" or closer to the activity.

The recommendations may be faulted for good reasons, but if they provoke thought and action, the award will have merit.

Charles E. Lieberman was born January 3, 1909 on the premises of the Joseph Lieberman Brewery, Allentown, PA. His degrees are: BS Georgetown, cum laude, 1931; and MS Chemical Engineering, Lehigh University, 1933.

His courses related to brewing and packaging include: Wahl- 1937; Wallerstein- 1946; Wahl-Henius- 1953; Meyer- 1970; Michigan State- 1976; University of Wisconsin- 1986; Lauhoff; Barry Wehmiller, and Siebel where he also taught.

He was president of the Society of Graduates of the United States Brewers' Academy, where he taught for eighteen years.

After working at three breweries; Widman, Bethlehem, PA; Southern, Norfolk, VA, and Neuweiler, Allentown, PA, his first brewmaster's position was at Horlacher in Allentown, 1937 through 1948.

At the Gulf Brewing Co. in Houston, TX, which was owned by Howard Hughes, he was Brewmaster, Plant Manager, Vice President and on the Board of Directors, 1948-1963.

Before joining Schwarz Services International in New York, he spent two and a half years as Safety and Training Director at NASA Johnson Space Center, TX.

At Schwarz he became a Regional Director. Before retiring, he was a Senior Consultant for Siebel.

As an Active member of MBAA since 1939, he chaired committees; spoke at Conventions; was Director of BIRI, on Board of Editors for Beer Packaging Book; is Charter and Honorary Member District Texas; chaired Technical Committee for New York District ETC 1983; and recently active in Philadelphia District. He gave talks at most of the Districts of MBAA, ASBC and BBPA.

Lieberman was perennial Keynote speaker at Brewers' Association of the Americas Annual Conventions, and his international consulting included lecturing in South Africa and China.

His many and varied activities included; Director in Kiwanis; Charter Member Texas IFT; President, Houston Sierra Club; Vice President Gulf Coast AAU; and President, Jesuit College Alumni Association of Houston.

His publications range from Technical articles to poetry, hence the unofficial title "Poet Laureate of Brewing". He received the "Schwarz Award" from the Technical Committee, MBAA for articles published in 1943, 1947 and 1955.

He was listed in "Who's Who in Chemistry" and "Who's Who in Engineering". Anne and Charlie will celebrate their 54th Wedding Anniversary next year


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