Lakefront Brewery - September 15, 2011

​Milwaukee District General Meeting

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. 
1872 N. Commerce Street    
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Palm Garden Room

Dinner: $25.00/Person
Please make your dinner reservations by Monday, September 12th.

Contact John Kretsch at 414-357-8515 ext. 106 or via e-mail at
Gretchen Wilson-Kalav at 815-789-4568 or via e-mail at

Please reserve your meal if you plan to attend. We must be able to give an accurate head count to the caterers just because we're nice people and caterers like round numbers.
If your plans do change - contact John Kretsch or Gretchen Wilson-Kalav.

Dinner Menu (Catered by Rupina's)

  • Vienna Rolls
  • Angus Roast Beef & Spit-Roasted Chicken
  •  Au Gratin Potatoes
  •  Vinaigrette Pasta salad
  •  Desserts

Schedule of Events:

4:30 pm - Hospitality (Belly up to the bar!)
Andy Jones has offered a brewery walk-around/cold room raid/semi-private kegger/rum drinks served downstairs for those interested. Seems things have changed quite a lot since our last visit. I'd take him up on the offer since rum drinks have been mentioned... Maybe it's just me...  I love rum.

5:30 pm - District Milwaukee Business Meeting

6:00 - 6:45pm - Technical Session Presentation:
Speaker: Tyler Goelzer - MillerCoors

Topic: “Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Rapid Testing for Brew House Water Hygiene”
Tyler will present a talk on his evaluation of 3M's Clean-Trace NG Illuminometer and Total ATP Swabs' effectiveness in detecting the presence of bacteria in the water used for brewing. This was Tyler's internship project with MillerCoors. Stay tuned for his results!

7:00 pm - Dinner and Lively Conversation

I have been informed there is a parking lot for Lakefront underneath the viaduct. There is also street parking on both sides (of the street, of course) in front of the brewery. Attached (and/or below) is a map to Lakefront. You can NOT get to the brewery via Holton Street - that's the viaduct Lakefront is under. Walnut Street and Humboldt Avenue are the only ways to get onto Commerce Street.


Officers Present:

  • Kris Kalav
  • Mike Scanzello
  • Tom Volke
  • Gretchen Kalav
  • John Kretsch
  • Andy Jones
  • Jerry Hilton
  • Penny Pickart
  • Randy Thiel

Officers Absent:

  • Mary Pelletieri

Kris called the meeting to order and thanked the employees of Lakefront Brewery for hosting the meeting.

Secretary’s Report (Andy Jones):

  • Presented the minutes from the previous meeting, which were seconded and accepted.

President’s Report (Kris Kalav):

  • Asked for input on dates for this year’s district picnic – Oct 22 is a possibility.

Treasurer’s Report (Tom Volke):

  • The meeting at Albanese’s Roadhouse netted $200 for the district.
  • The district’s investment CD lost $1049 in August.
  • Current accounts: Checking $4,666.00, Savings $23,195, Total $27,861.00
  • Some changes to when money reaches the district as dues are paid at random times rather than yearly.

Membership (Gretchen Kalav):

  • Four new members in the June-Aug period.
  • We are trying to reach out as a district to Illinois members.
  • Total membership stands at 195 members.

PR/Arrangements Report (Gretchen Kalav):

  • We are trying to get notices out sooner to members about meetings.
  • We may start sending out notices before the board meetings, or move up the board meeting dates.
  • The Nov. meeting will probably be held in New Glarus, with hospitality at New Glarus Brewing and dinner at the New Glarus Hotel.

District VP/Tech Report (Randy Thiel):

  • Noted that we are always looking for input on possible presentations, if anybody has something they’d like to present at a district meeting, please let us know.
  • Nov. tech presentation will either be on packaging line cleanliness or draft line cleaning.

District Governor’s Report (Mike Scanzello):

  • The national meeting will be October 13 in Minneapolis.
  • There will be IBD DBE prep courses given again in March for the June tests.

Heritage Chair Report (Jerry Hilton):

  • The MBAA display at the Potosi National Brewing History Museum will be taken down tomorrow (9-16-11).

Old Business:

  • The appointment of Bill Ladish as the district Finance Chair was revisited and tabled until a later date.

New Business:

  • Dave R. brought up the issue of the national board meeting being inaccessible since it is held this year at the MBAA headquarters rather than the hotel of the conference.
  • Mike S. said he will make a comment at the meeting and that there will be bus service from the hotel for the meeting.
  • Jerry H. mentioned that the reasoning was probably to save money on the hotel conference rooms, but a bus will also cost money.
  • Jeff Hamilton from the WI Brewers Guild noted that the WBG will be hosting a tech conference in Madison in January and that they were both looking for content and suggested that the district could co-schedule a meeting in Madison to benefit both organizations.
  • Tom V. marked the passing of Dan Stone of District Minneapolis. There was a moment of silence.

The meeting was adjourned, followed by a Technical Presentation given by Tyler Goelzer of MillerCoors on the use of ATP Bioluminescence for detection of bacteria in brewhouse water. This was followed by a catered dinner and hospitality at Lakefront Brewery.


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