Lowell Center UW Campus Madison, WI - March 18, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Officers Present:

  • Kris Kalav
  • Mike Scanzello
  • Randy Thiel
  • Tom Volke
  • Andy Jones
  • Gretchen Kalav
  • Jerry Hilton
  • John Kretsch

Officers Absent:

  • Penny Pickart
  • Mary Pellitieri
  • Joe Thorner

Kris called the meeting to order and welcomed everbody to the Lowell Center; a big thanks to Ray Klimovitz and Dave Radzanowski for suggesting the location.

Secretary’s report (Randy Thiel):

  • Presented the minutes from the previous meeting which were seconded and accepted.

President’s report (Kris Kalav):

  • Discussed CBC and beer procurement.
    • Sheriton is being difficult about high corkage fee.
    • John mentioned that breweries often send more beer than requested.
    • Kris to contact breweries about donations.
    • Not recommending kegs due to logistics of returning.

Treasurer’s report (Tom Volke):

  • Misplaced info from the last meeting; still looking.
  • Savings = $22,174
  • Checking = $5,100
  • At last meeting, St. Francis Brewery did comp our drinks.

P.R. report (Jerry Hilton & Gretchen Wilson-Kalav):

  • Working out details for CBC suite promos, raffles, and room.
  • New brochures to be made & displayed in suite.
  • Website has been updated w/ meeting notices & CBC info.
    • Will have cross-postings of MBAA meetings and Guild meetings.
  • For the Madison meeting, the bus was cancelled. Bus costs $600; thus need 20 riders to cover cost. Only had 10 signed up…
  • Jerry is turning 75!
    • Suggested assistance for John Kretsch’s duties.

Membership report (Andy Jones):

  • For CBC, National will donate swag + 2 memberships.
  • The upcoming May 20th meeting at Malteurop will be a membership drive.
    • Suggested free meal to potential members (but to guests of guests).
  • Two new members in February:
    • Tom Lindley from Nalco Company
    • Joe Kolodzinski from Symbiont
    • Tom Connors from TC Chemicals was present.
  • WI/IL Brewers Guilds have been contacted.
  • Ray Klimovitz suggested that we should embrace the homebrew community as a possible source for membership (citing Stephen Holle as a great example). Currently not allowed by bylaws.
    • Mike will bring this up at the Executive Board meeting in Providence.

District Governor report (Mike Scanzello):

  • June 17th BOG meeting.
    • Will be pushing to revisit TQ/Communicator issue.
    • Per Ray: Mike Sutton has put together a document outlining costs and savings of the decision.
    • Per Jerry: retirees used to pay a one-time fee.

New Business:

  • Motion put forth for the district to pay for the district fee portion of the 2nd raffle item (for District Milwaukee membership).
    • Travis Hixton (visiting district Prez from Mid-South) will pony up for dues to his district.
      • Other districts will be pushed to do the same.
    • Motion approved w/ one opposition (Tom).
  • Motion to table the details of the May meeting “guest criteria” in regards to free meal.

Technical Presentation by :

  • Ray Klimovitz and Dr. Jon Roll: Brewing education through the MBAA and UW-Madison programs.
    • During presentation Ray suggested contacting Greg Harris from MillerCoors to have a future presentation on Best Practices for Packaging Maintenance. It was very well-received during the classes at the Lowell Center.

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