St. Francis Brewery & Restaurant - January 21, 2010

St. Francis Brewery & Restaurant
3825 S. Kinnickinnic
(down by the airport)
St. Francis, WI 53235
Phone 414 744 4448

Dinner Cost: $25.00

Reserve your meal by Nov. 17, phone John Kretsch at 414 357-8515 Extn 106, or email him at

Schedule of Events:

4:30 p.m. Hospitality beginning
5:00 p.m. Business Meeting
6:00 p.m. Technical Session
To be announced
7:00 p.m. Dinner

Meeting Minutes

Start: 5:40pm
End: 6:15pm

Officers Present:

  • Kris Kalav
  • Mary Pellitieri
  • Mike Scanzello
  • Randy Thiel
  • Tom Volke
  • Andy Jones
  • Gretchen Kalav
  • Joe Thorner
  • John Kretsch (arrived late, tanned, and relaxed from Jamaica)

Officers Absent:

  • Penny Pickart
  • Tom Eplett

Kris called the meeting to order and welcomed everbody to St. Francis Brewery. Extended a hearty thanks to St. Francis brewmaster, Scott Hettig, for hosting the occasion.

Secretary’s report (Randy Thiel):

  • Presented the minutes from the previous meeting which were seconded and accepted.

President’s report (Kris Kalav):

  • March meeting: still working on the details.
  • CBC hospitality suite:
  • April 8th-9th.
  • Working out details on corkage fee & food.
  • Participation from local brewpubs.
  • Participation from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.
  • More info to follow.
  • Midwest Technical Conference:
  • Two days in November in Potosi, WI.
  • Tom Eplett working with Rebecca Jennings.

Treasurer’s report (Tom Volke):

  • Previous meeting at Miller Inn yielded a net loss of $425.
  • Received dues from National for partial 2008/2009: $3276
  • Assets:
  • $3276 in Checking
  • $21,846 in Savings
  • Investments gained ~$4900 returning to normal levels last seen in 2007.
  • Report seconded & accepted.
  • Also noted Condolences and a moment of silence for departed members:
    • Oscar Heinz formerly of Schlitz & Stroh’s.
    • Jeff Becker of the Beer Institute.

Finance report (Joe Thorner):

  1. Working with Treasurer to create year-to-year picture with forecast.

P.R. report (Jerry Hilton & Gretchen Wilson-Kalav):

  • Update on the evenings dinner guest tally.
  • Update on District-Milwaukee hospitality suite at CBC:
  • Rebecca Jennings to provide promo materials for suite.
  • Also, a call for volunteers to help cover the MBBA booth at CBC expo hall.
  • Motion: At the March meeting, a raffle will be offered to new members (since Jan 2009) for a free one-year membership (plus dues to District-Milwaukee).
  • The free membership was donated by Randy Thiel, who received it from National as an award for gaining the most new members.
  • There may be a second membership available from National which would also be raffled off. Will know soon.
  • Motion was seconded and accepted unanimously.

Membership report (Andy Jones): 

  • As of November and December (2009), we have four new members including Gretchen.
  • Membership applications will be available at the regular meetings as well as the CBC hospitality suite.
  • Will be contacting the WI and IL Brewers Guilds for membership lists and associated breweries.

 National Meeting Tech report (Mary Pellitieri):

  • Call for papers extended to Feb. 5th.
    • Just need to abstract to start.
    • ½ off registration.
    • MillerCoors showing good support!
    • Looking for craft brewer participation.
  • Meeting will be shared with ASBC
  • Added extra: Weiss beer presentation.

District Governor report (Mike Scanzello):

  • The budget has been approved and is available for viewing on the MBAA website.
    • Somewhat conservative approach.
  • Will be bringing up to the Executive Board: retirees should get internet access to TQ and Communicator.
    • Kris emphasized the need to give benefits to retirees.

Other notables:

  • Museum of Beer & Brewing ( along with MSOE will host an evening at the Grohmann Museum on February 1st to highlight a painting exhibit from the Siebel Institute. 12 paintings illustrate the History of Brewing.
  • Food & Froth Fest at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Saturday, February 20th.
  • MidWinter Beer Fest at the Milwaukee Ale House on Sunday, February 21st. Portion of proceeds to benefit the MACC Fund.

Technical Presentation by Mike O’Neil, Applied Technologies:

  • “Case Study on Renewable Energy” outlined the engineering and construction challenges in recovering methane from City Brewing’s WWT.

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