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February 15
Whirpool Placement


We are having a whirlpool built and are having a little disagreement on the tangential inlet port.

Here's the deal. we can put it anywhere on the tank or we can put multiple inlet ports. What I need to know is, should we put it: Low as possible to reduce the splashing as it enters the tank?  mid to higher to ensure proper spinning speed. Or two ports, one low and one higher so that you can switch up as the tank fills? 

We'd like to maximize our time, get proper separation, and not be too hard on the wort.

The most recent plan is to have the WP inlet about a 1/3 liquid level up the tank.  

Any opinions or facts you can give on the inlet issue or any other common problems/solutions that you know of would be great. 


As for whirlpools, the standard geometry is 1:1 height to diameter and the level of the inlet is usually set at 1/3 wort volume.  You want to make sure the wort speed is about 15-20 feet per second by adjusting the diameter of the inlet nozzle depending on the GPM of your pump.  Velocity = (0.408 x GPM)/pipe ID^2.  That way you will get best trub pile formation and settling.  Avoid having any thermo probes or other things sticking into the tank.  Multiple draws are good to avoid having to wait all that long before cooling, you can position them at ¾ height, ½, ¼ and then at the very bottom with a large sump drain to avoid cavatating as you get the last drops.


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