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July 08
Recapturing rinser water

​Q: You had mentioned that you had some experience with reclaiming bottle rinse water and sending it through the filler vacuum pump and possibly into a pasteurizer. Do you recall if there was any filtration of the water? Was there some sort of a storage tank for the water? We really see this as a great opportunity with 3 bottling lines and 2 can lines and any insight would be GREATLY appreciated.

A: The rinse water recovery is low hanging fruit but will need a receiver tank, float control for fresh water refill and a pump.  We let the water from the rinser fall by gravity into a receiver tank and then pumped that water through the vacuum pump to cool the seal.  If the water level got low (rinser had shut off) then the float would open a fresh water valve and keep the tank full so the seal would not run dry and overheat.  We then would collect the water out of the vacuum pump and into another receiver and pump that water (now slightly warm) to shower off bottles coming off the crowner.  The shower water would go to drain.  This way we used the water 3 times and saved an appreciable amount off the water and sewer bills.  You could use the water out of the vacuum pump in a pasteurizer as well.


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