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March 26
Cost of building a brewery

​Q:  I was just wondering if there is a flat rate cost per hectolitre for building a brewery? I understand this would only be a guideline but a general figure would be helpful.

A:  This is a  much more complicated question than it sounds and you would need to pin down many more details in determining even a ballpark estimate,  a few of which are:
•    How many hL per year production
•    Green or brown field, real estate and construction costs
•    New or used equipment
•    Level of automation
•    Packaging or draft only
•    Brewery pub attached
•    Level of regulatory issues
Sorry but there is no easy answer I can provide to you. I suggest you talk to people who have started breweries similar to what you are thinking of.  Go to your local MBAA district meeting, there are many people there who might be able to help guide you.


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