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February 15
Purging Kegs with Nitrogen vs CO2


I was hoping you could possibly provide some input on this situation for me. We are currently expanding our “nitro” production by installing a 150bbl 25psi pressure rated vessel, along with the vessel expansion we are discussing a bulk nitrogen setup. If we do go with a bulk setup it was suggested that we begin purging our nitro ale kegs with nitrogen instead of CO2 (we currently purge with CO2 and have seen no ill affects) I replied to this by suggesting that we purge all kegs with nitrogen as it tends to be cheaper than CO2. what are your thoughts on this?


It is better to purge nitro kegs with nitrogen as CO2 is the enemy of good nitrogenation and some of the CO2 will dissolve in the beer as it fills, you really want to limit CO2 in nitro beers.  The opposite is true for a carbonated beer, which will lose CO2 as it fills in a nitrogen environment and flatten out (it will not dissolve much N2).


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