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January 20
Flavor "scalping" in bottled beer

​Q:  We are struggling to maintain the hop flavor and aroma in some of our packaged beers.  We have found that filtration is the biggest stripper of hop flavor so we are working towards ways to reduce or eliminate DE filtration.  That gets the beer in the bottle tasting great, but keeping it there is a problem.  DO’s in the package are in the 50 ppb range.  Cans taste better than bottles.  Switched over to oxygen barrier crowns and will look at oxygen scavenging crowns despite the common belief that they strip hop oils.  We think they would saturate quickly and the scavenging quality may more than offset that loss of oil.

A: "scalping" from crown liners is a major problem in keeping big hop flavor, I have heard that as much as 80% of hop aroma disappears in the first 60 days in bottled beers.  I know many IPA's in the bottle that lose their great hop aroma quickly and are never as good as on draft.  I suggest going to your crown company or other suppliers and talking to them about scalp resistant liners. 


Centrifuge to replace filter

We had comments from Brewmasters that they were able to recover the hop aroma after replacing a filter with our centrifuge.  Flottweg can supply a centrifuge that offers practically zero losses on the product.  It will run down the entire batch throgh the bottom of the cone and will not lose practically any beer.  If you need more info, please e-mail me at agertsman@flottweg.net or call at 859 448 2306.
Alex Gertsman
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